The Moral Principals of Cricket, Cricket represents all the moral

The Moral Principals of Cricket

- By S.P Bhatia    

ashok mankad

Cricket represents all the moral principals that are good and render good invaluable service through out.

Cricket can give shape to an individual's character like no other sports can give. It is proved that if character is lost everything is lost and therefore no other recommendation is required because character is one of the greatest possessions a country can have through its citizens.

Cricket promotes clean thinking. It teaches unselfishness. Selfish cricketers are sorted out by the game itself.

Cricket also encourages self-control. In the olden ERA cricket was known as "GENTLEMAN'S GAME' AND sledging of the opponent was unknown. Unfortunately some cricketers began to indulge in this practice. This has brought down the image of the game and has given rise to the phrase "THIS IS NOT CRICKET".

But the image of cricket cannot be tarnished for long as few legendary players and able administrators have resented and attempted to control it.

Modern cricket is fiercely competitive and offers great financial rewards. Decency and fair play are the key elements. Aggression should be there without being violent.

Discipline is an integral part of the game. On the field a player has to obey his captain like a soldier in the army.

Players must show sportsmanship and grace even in defeat. The umpire's decision and many other things have to be accepted gracefully. Initially a cricketer feels that this is a game of recreation. Gradually he finds out how tough it is to face a delivery at 90 mph hurled or to bowl at top class batsman or to bowl for hours on a placid wicket or experience the frustration of a dropped chance. For this entire thing one has to be courageous and mentally as well as physically fit.

Perseverance and patience pays rich dividends in cricket. These two values are tested when you are tired and are asked to bowl or you want to play your natural game and are asked to hold fort.

Every great cricketer must be modest. "I AM THE BEST' attitude does not go well in this game as this game is one of the greatest levelers in the long run.

To play well one has to have quick thinking and sharp reflexes. There are many instances when you have to decide and act at the same time.

Cricket unites millions of people. It provides a common platform for a festive atmosphere and enjoyment to the spectators.


CRICKET IS A GAME WHICH KEEPS BOY OUT OF MISCHIEF. IT is a training of youth for a manly life. It makes lifelong friends. Cricket if played in right spirit is capable of developing man's finest qualities.

One time Governor of BOMBAY LORD HARRIS wrote:

"YOU do well to love cricket, for it is freer from anything sordid, dishonorable than any game in the world, and to play it cleanly is a moral lesson. Foster it, my brother, so that it may attract all and protect it from those who would sully it, so it may grow in favor with all."