Cricket should be fun

- By Rahul Dravid    

rahul dravid

Cricket is nothing but confidence. However one can't think of success if you are not going to have fun. What I mean is that you must enjoy what you are doing. Initially you play because you love the game. Playing with your colleagues you learn a lot. As you go along, you realize that you have something in you and that's a crucial time. Your coach gets you to work on the basics.

This is the most important phase everyone has to go through. You must enjoy that phase. I know one derives immense pleasure hitting the ball but the more you work on your basics the more you will begin to enjoy your game. As a kid you want to be in the action all the time. No one likes to get out first ball or get hammered. Once you understand the technique that helps you perform, you tend to have fun.

Not many like to work on fitness. At times it's boring. But as a kid you have got to understand that unless you are fit you just can't perform and when you fail, you just don't enjoy. You may not be able to play for the state or the country but if you are fit, you are in a position to perform better in life.

Cricket is a team game which is played for longer hours than any field game and during that period you enjoy with your colleagues. You gradually realize the importance that you will not succeed all the time. But you also realize you have to play for your team. In a field game it is your team that matters. And to make you perform for your team, you develop your hunger to do well consistently.

There is misconception that to reach the top you have to practice whole day. That's not correct. You have to have a set of plan to work on and don't forget the intensity part. What's the use playing everyday if the intensity is missing. Why not practice for 3 or 4 days working on skills and fitness than playing entire week without doing anything proper.

As a teenager you have got to realize to spend a quality time. It's the quality that matters. And when you focus on the quality time, you have more chances of succeeding. Another important aspect is the goal setting. There is a saying perfect practice makes you perfect but if you have long and short term goals, you get the direction.

That's a key to your success. You can't be getting in a match or a tournament without knowing what you plan to achieve. If you do that there is a likelihood of you failing. Once you set the goal you can channelise your efforts. It's a process and you have to go through that process to succeed.

Kids and their parents think of cricket as a career. When you think of the game as a career, not only you don't enjoy the game but you invite pressure. And then there is a tendency to neglect your studies. My advise to all the youngsters is to concentrate on studies because you learn to be disciplined. You have to do everything on time and at times you have to have willpower to succeed. You have to develop the level of concentration while studying and these are the qualities you require in cricket.

The endeavour of this website is to guide you in the game of cricket. Not all the youngsters in this huge country get the right type of guidance. As I said earlier have fun with the game but stick to basics. You will enjoy for a longer time.